Record number of competitors at Kimberley’s Halls Creek Campdraft

by / Thursday, 30 July 2015 / Published in News Around The Drafts

A record number of campdrafters converged on Halls Creek at the weekend for the annual campdraft.
Around 750 drafters packed out the remote Kimberley town in Western Australia; 100 more than last year, organisers say.

Campdrafting was invented by cattle drovers and involves selecting a beast from a herd and driving it around a set course.

Northern Territory campdrafter Kayla Struber and her horse A Bit of Alright.

Northern Territory ringer, Kayla Struber, from Rosewood Station, said she loved campdrafting and thought it was the “best sport in the world.”

“It dates back to when we first started ringing and droving and stuff like that,” she said.

“The ringers used to make up this as a game to them and then they started doing this as a sport.

“It’s just got bigger and bigger since then and I just think what better way to promote our industry and what we do and what we love doing with our horses.”

Ms Struber said she was pleased to see such a large turnout at the Halls Creek Campdraft.

“It’s always a good turnout at Halls Creek. Every year we come here we always have a good time,” she said.

“It’s always really well organised and yeah, just a great atmosphere. Everyone’s so friendly, it’s beautiful.

“You can’t get anywhere better than this. Kimberley campdrafting is the best, I reckon.”

Campdrafting has long been popular with diehards from the cattle industry, but it often fails to get as much interest from the wider community as more high-octane rodeo events.

But that could be about to change due to the growing influx of young people joining the sport.

Ms Struber said it was good to see more youngsters campdrafting and it could only get “bigger and better”.

“The parents have got a big influence on that…If your parents have campdrafted chances are you will too.”

Campdrafting was a big part of her family, Ms Struber added.

“This has been a sport that me, my dad, my brothers, we’ve all done it and its just important, really important to us.”

She said the bond between drafter and horse is a crucial one to a successful campdraft.

“Otherwise you can’t do any good, ‘cus your horse has got to trust you and you’ve got to trust them sometimes to make the right decisions.”

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