One of the Northern Territory’s biggest campdraft events cancelled indefinitely

by / Thursday, 13 August 2015 / Published in News Around The Drafts

One of the Northern Territory’s biggest campdrafts has been cancelled indefinitely, despite increasing involvement in the sport.
Nixon’s Crossing campdraft, held on the outskirts of Katherine, has been run by Tony Olsen and Terry Jones for the past six years.

Recent campdrafts at Pussycat Bore in the Victoria River District, the Katherine Show, and Halls Creek in Western Australia all had increased numbers of nominations.

Mr Olsen said organising the Nixon’s Crossing campdraft had become too much work and this year he and his wife wanted more time to themselves.

“The campdraft put a lot of pressure on us and our business,” Mr Olsen said.

“We just wanted to spend a bit more time with our horses and our campdrafting and give Nixon’s a rest this year.”

Ms Jones said she would have one week off after the campdraft before preparing for the next year’s event.

“Every month there was a program of what had to happen and what had to be achieved each month, otherwise if you don’t and you let things forgo, you end up with a great big pile at the end,” she said.

“If you want to do it professionally and well you have to be prepared and do it all year.”

Mr Olsen said it was getting harder to find enough local businesses to sponsor the event.

“In Katherine there are two other drafts, other than ours and I feel a bit for every sponsor because they get hit two to three times a year, nearly the same people all the time,” he said.

“We have heard disappointment throughout the campdraft fraternity and it disappoints me that we are not running it.

“I feel better this year that we are having a break and there is a lot of people I think who would love to see Nixon’s go again.”

While Mr Olsen would like to see the Nixon’s Crossing campdraft run again, Ms Jones was unsure.

“I have reservations if I really would like it to go ahead again because I am enjoying what we are doing now,” she said.



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