Kira-Lee Thomas impresses at campdrafting event at Tamworth

by / Thursday, 23 February 2017 / Published in News Around The Drafts

Thirteen-year-old Kira-Lee Thomas is celebrating her success at the ABCRA National Finals in Tamworth recently.

Kira-Lee competed in three rounds over two days and was the highest point-scorer at the campdraft meeting, which saw her placed first in the aggregate section.

She competed against 25 other riders who were selected nationally from their point scores over the previous 12 months of campdraft competitions.

Kira-Lee rode her own horse, Impress. She has put in many hours of training with her mare to get to this level. She has been riding and competing in campdrafting events since she was eight years old.

Her sister Emily Thomas won the juvenile national title in 2016.

Another highlight for Kira-Lee was riding in the opening ceremony of the ABCRA Ironman 4×4 National Finals.

Kira-Lee and Emily’s mother Tracey said it is going to be interesting this year “as we will have both daughters competing in the same juvenile events”.

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Campdrafting involves a mounted rider riding into a “camp” (corral or yard) which has six to eight head of cattle in it. The rider cuts out one steer or heifer from the cattle in the camp and brings that beast to the front of the camp and block and turns that beast at least two or three times to prove to the judge that they have the beast under control.

The rider then calls for the gates to be opened and drafts (works) the beast around a figure of eight course in a larger arena.