WARWICK Rodeo and Campdraft is officially under way.

by / Tuesday, 20 October 2015 / Published in News Around The Drafts
Brian Boyce

WARWICK Rodeo and Campdraft is officially under way with the first competitors out on the grounds from 5.30 yesterday morning.

Campdraft chairman Brian Boyce said there was nothing better than rodeo and campdraft week in Warwick.

“A lot of these fellas are professionals and they chase cattle at their own stations and they compete nearly every weekend,” he said.

“They come here and this is the Gold Cup of Campdrafting. It’s like the Melbourne Cup to them.

“There’s nothing else in the world like coming to Warwick. The hair stands up on the back of your neck. It’s just that wonderful feeling.”

The chairman said everything was in place for an excellent weekend of rodeo.

“Everything is sailing smoothly for the weekend, it’s just magnificent,” he said.

“The cattle are running fantastic, the ground is excellent and the weather is good.”

For Warwick residents who are unfamiliar with the campdraft culture, Mr Boyce said it came down to the beast you pick in the cut out yard.

“When you go in you pick a beast out and you cut it out, you take it to the front of the camp and hold it,” then call for the gate and attempt to work the beast around the course.

Already judges have seen some great competitors.

“Most people are getting 90s and 93s, so they’re doing really, really well,” Mr Boyce said.

“It’s pretty good if you’re getting around the 93 and 94 mark.

“I don’t see too much over that.”

Mr Boyce said he had never heard of anyone scoring the perfect 100.

“It’s up to the competitor and the beast to have that dream run, I suppose,” he said.

“You go out there and you study your beast and some people hope they pick the right one, if it turns sour, you just have to work with what you’ve got.”

Brian Boyce

Story and pic thanks to , Warwick Daily News